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Hey welcome to our new Scratch On Lake page. Scratch on Lake? You ask….

Well as you know and many of you have experienced, the space at the Forest Park location can get extremely tight. We’ve hearing a few things over and over from our guests.

You need to switch spots with Hallmark store! Where’s the dining room? What’s in back?
You guys need more room!

Well, we don’t always listen, but in this case, we agree and we’ve done something about it.
Introducing: Scratch On Lake!

So what's the difference?

Well, to be honest, not a lot, but some notables…

3 times the size, in FP we seat 60, here in OP we sit 110 (160 when patio opens!)

We have a large dining room with larger tables
Separate bar area (more on that below)

The kitchen is also separate from bar.

Those are the notable changes, we like to say FP is like a bar and grill where OP is more structured like a full service restaurant. But the key is we are serving up the same awesome burgers, killer mac and those house cut fries!!

The Bar

We spent a lot of time and thought on the bar and have some fantastic options. Our mixologists have created an amazing craft cocktail list.

We have great by the bottle and by the glass wine program, we even have a wine on tap! Most of our well alcohol has been locally sourced. We also have a 8 craft drafts, some locally produced.

We have an amazing cold brew on tap called Leviathan that we love and think you will as well.


Yep, bingo, trivia and live entertainment will be part of the Scratch experience. We hope you love our new digs as much as we do!


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