Let Scratch Kitchen & Lounge cater your next event!


Scratch loves to get fresh. It’s kind of our thing. Fresh, locally sourced proteins and produce, cooked up and skillfully served to make your piehole happier than ever.


Now, your friends, your family, your work buddies, even people you are just required to spend time with can share this mealtime extravaganza – and who will be the hero? You.


That’s right, Scratch Kitchen & Lounge now caters. To you. The meals that you dream about, the burgers, the mac, the spuds… all at your next event.


We will handle all the details, you just give us the where and when. Everyone will love you. This will be great. Really. Download our menu here: SCC Catering Menu


Don't sweat the details. That's our job.

Ready to get started? You look ready to get started. Let’s pull the trigger on this event.

Call or contact us today, (yes, today!) and we will help plan a menu that your guests will remember for the rest of their lives. Or at least for a really long, long time.

Your place or ours – you decide! We have private party rooms for 20-200, complete with a full bar and a beautiful view of Madison Street.

Drop us a line and we’ll get started: 708.797.EATS (3287) or

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