The Eats.

Our goal is to serve our favorites, prepared perfectly from Scratch, never frozen (we joke that we only freeze ice. Oh, we make that too). Our mission statement is: “A few things done perfectly, served in a fun environment, with great service.”

All burgers are house-ground using prime cuts of brisket and chuck, and served on locally sourced rolls. We house-brine our B&B pickles, and as for condiments? Yes, we even make our own ketchup and mustard.

The Drinks.

Beer. In a can. Yes. Canned beer. Craft beers and beer beers.

Why? These self contained and quite portable favorites are much easier on the environment than bottles (because of shipping costs associated with glass) and all of these beautiful beer cans will be recycled. Pop a top and enjoy. (Ask about our fine selection of boxed wines, too! )

Be the envy of your friends. Serve up the best food, Scratch style, at your next event.

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